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Fishing Reports


weather has been unbelievable ,fishing has been just as good,snapper are patchy but good when your on them,puka has been the best in years,



looks like i didnt miss much weatherwise

Alaska was amazing,fishing was quite a commercial affair wiyh the boats comming in ,unloading into a processing plant and the fish being filleted,packed and freighted frozen back to the customers home,nice clean boat!

looking forward to getting back out there,cheers


cold weather but fishing is still hot,Durville producing good snapper and trevs

Great day at Hunters yesterday with a good catch of teris and a couple of kingis

Keep warm,cheers


water temp down to 13.3 deg but still getting snaps ,but red cod and spiny dogs are here. Hope water comes back up with a few northerlies .

Durville should be taking off now so looking forward to the upcomming trips



still plenty of snaps about ,good quality puka and kings on last couple of duurville trips

Great lodge time at durville thanks to DENISE and JUDITH the NEW TEAM AT DURVILLE


snapper are going great at the moment ,as are the 70m teris,hvent been puka fishing of late but should have a go next couple of weeks with durville trips,cheers


Summer was here for last 2 weeks,that was it! 

Heaps of fish around, but we have to work a bit for the snaps at the moment



weather has been crap but when we have got out the snapper have been red hot,kingis busting us off and in general good fishing

looking forward to settled weather,cheers